ACSES Engineers designed a shoring and bulk excavation solution that extended four levels below 5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble as well as the superstructures.

Below are some site specs:

  • Two buildings over common basement carparking
  • Three below ground basements
  • Each Basement level is over 2100m2
  • 47 Residential Units

Utilising our finite element modelling capabilities, we significantly reduced the required shoring works at 5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble by designing an anchored pile and shotcrete wall to support the excavated face above the Class IV material, and then vertically cut the rock strata down to the bulk excavation level.

We also designed the crane base, without requiring piles, to bear directly on the Class IV material located higher than the final bulk excavation level. This shoring and bulk excavation solution designed by ACSES Engineers resulted in massive cost and time savings for South West Builders, who must be congratulated on successfully carrying out the detailed works.

Again using our FEM expertise, ACSES Engineers designed the superstructures as a concrete framed solutions made up of columns and walls using the Dincel Wall product wherever possible. This eliminated the need for traditional vertical formwork and resulted in further savings in time and cost for the builder. To partition the units, lightweight non-load bearing walls made from fibre cement (Hebel) and framed Gyproc were used.

The project was architecturally designed by Aleksander Design Group and ACSES Engineers are proud to be part of the Design Team and honoured to be the Project Structural Engineer for this development.

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 1

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 2

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 3

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 5

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 6

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 7

5-7 Telegraph Road Pymble Image 8

Here is the 3D Perspective.

5-7 Telegraph Rd Pymble 3D

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