The structural frame at 1 Bede Street Strathfield has been completed, and the builder has done an amazing job in an incredibly short time.

General site specs:

  • Five Storey Building
  • Two below ground basements
  • 12 Residential Units

ACSES Engineers designed both the shoring and bulk excavation solutions, as well as the building superstructure.

Given the relative small size of the development, cost was a major driving factor for the client who gave us a very specific project brief – “fast, cheap and safe – make it happen”…

Utilising our finite element modelling capabilities, we were able to minimise the shoring works required to support the two level excavation face. Our modelling took advantage of the geotechnical parameters present at the site and ACSES Engineers were able to design a cantilevered pile wall solution with shotcrete infills.

Again using our FEM expertise, ACSES Engineers designed the superstructures as a concrete framed solutions made up of columns and walls using the Rediwall product wherever possible. This eliminated the need for traditional vertical formwork and resulted in further savings in time and cost. The slabs were all designed as conventionally reinforced slab solutions and the individual units were partitioned using lightweight non-load bearing walls made from fibre cement (Hebel) and framed Gyproc.

The project was architecturally designed by Ghazi Al Ali Architects and ACSES Engineers are proud to be part of the Design Team and honoured to be the Project Structural Engineer for this development.

1 Bede Street Strathfield Image 1

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